Berkeley VC Academy (Korea)

Berkeley VC Academy (Korea) is an executive education and certificate program focused on the nuts and bolts of deal making for investors, entrepreneurs, attorneys and policymakers. Program participants are provided with the tools to improve their ability to define, negotiate, and execute early-stage investments and build effective venture and innovation ecosystems. VC Academy combines a theoretical approach with hands-on learning.

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The Startup Ecosystem – Exporting Silicon Valley

This module will explore how startups, investors, established corporations, financial markets and other key actors interact in Silicon Valley to create an effective innovation ecosystem. We will also explore trends in venture finance being exported from Silicon Valley to innovation ecosystems in other geographies, including Asia.

Case Studies on Effective and Ineffective Venture Ecosystems

This module will examine case studies on innovation and venture ecosystems around the world. We will focus on key innovation metrics, including engineering talent, the presence of entrepreneurial mentors, technical and legal infrastructure, funding ecosystems and opportunities for exits, startup culture, and government policies and programs.

Valuation Bootcamp

This module will explore how venture capitalists value startups and how these valuations translate, and don’t translate, into venture deals. We will also conduct a comparative analysis of how valuations differ across geographies and industry sectors.

Training Workshop on Venture Deal Terms and Processes

This module will explore the basic financial terms that dominate venture finance around the world, including equity versus debt, liquidation preferences, anti-dilution, and more. We will also explore how venture deals are processed from the perspective of entrepreneurs, investors and attorneys.

Modeling the Economics of Early Stage Finance

In this interactive module, participants will work with instructors to build a simulated startup capitalization table and model different types of venture financing deals, including seed financings and preferred stock financings.

Term Sheet Negotiations Bootcamp

In this session, we will explore venture capital negotiation best practices. Participants will then be split up into teams to review and negotiate of actual venture terms sheets.

Program Details


The two-day program will be held Monday, December 11, 2017 through Tuesday, December 12, 2017 at the NCsoft headquarters in Korea.

Who should apply

Entrepreneurs, investors, attorneys, and executives interested in the mechanics of venture finance and comparisons between Silicon Valley and Asia.


The program fee is $500 per person ($400 for UC Berkeley alumni) and covers all tuition, course materials, and meals during the event. This is a special inaugural academy rate. Travel and accommodation are not included.


Sold out! If you would like to be added to a waitlist, please email us at