Upcoming Webinars

Providing Effective Feedback 

How do we provide effective feedback – both positive and constructive – in a way that is likely to result in sustained improvement? How do we move from extensive line-editing to actually teaching writing? Please join us for a discussion with two experienced Berkeley Law clinicians, Mridula Raman and Ty Alper, both of whom work extensively on law students’ persuasive writing in the Berkeley Law Death Penalty Clinic. 


As lawyers, our clients entrust us with their stories and narratives. How do we ethically honor our clients’ narratives when sharing and translating their stories into the narrative of a case? Please join Sabyl Landrum, Supervising Attorney with Clean Slate Practice as we explore how to ethically honor and preserve your clients’ narratives in legal practice.

Deposition Tips

Deposition is arguably one of the most effective discovery devices that can make or break your case. Join Desirée Nguyen Orth, Director of the Consumer Justice Practice at East Bay Community Law Center where she works on statewide consumer protection policy and impact litigation, as she guides you through the basics of depositions.

Past Webinars

Navigating Bureaucracy

How do litigators and policymakers confront and work within bureaucratic systems to effect change? Please join us for a talk of how to navigate bureaucracy, focusing on FOIA laws and public records requests, with Rachel Wallace, Interim Deputy Director of the Policy Advocacy Clinic at Berkeley Law.

Legislative Drafting

Please join us for a conversation about legislative drafting with Gus Patel-Tupper, a supervising attorney in the Policy Advocacy Clinic at Berkeley Law.

Public Speaking and Listening

What role does listening play in convincing legislators to take action? This episode features Maiya Zwerling, clinical supervisor at the Policy Advocacy Clinic, discussing strategies for appealing to legislative audiences.